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To be used in custom made mortar mixture. This revolutionary product contains 1850 PSI. Use to make mortar for laying brick, block and natural stone, pointing up or stuccoing new and old walls.


Rigid and solid sheathing panel to be utilized in weather shielded roof and wall applications. Constructed for minimized edge swell and fewer telegraphing. Features high quality construction and durability.

Mild Steel Plate

Mild Steel Plate (hot rolled and cold rolled), A structural high quality steel plate designed for a huge variety of standard building and commercial applications. MS Plate is magnetic, very easy to weld, form and drill and possesses a slight grainy surface, also the most cost effective steel sheets on the market for a wide range of application.

API Pipes

Commonly used in natural gas, petroleum, chemical power, fire and many other industries. Beveled end or plain end. Painting black coating. Size up to 219mm are in bundles, caps at both ends or as per the customers’ request.

Roofing Sealant

A one part sealant that gives superior bond for exterior and interior common sealing applications. It is a uniquely formulated sealant that forms a surface skin while the body of the substance stays soft, non drying and bendable.

Diesel Supplier

We supply diesel for construction sites, manufacturing industries, and etc. We deliver diesel to whole region of West Malaysia. We offer a wide range of petrochemical product ranging from industrial diesel, hydraulic oil, lubricant, and engine oil.

Machine Rental

We offer rental alternatives for many areas of construction from massive public work projects to construction work of offices and normal homes. Daily, weekly and monthly leasing. Reasonably competitive prices, knowledgeable mechanic, fast and efficient support, and quick delivery to work site.

Demolition Contractor

We specialize in residential and commercial building demolition, industrial plants demolition and demolition waste salvage and recycling projects.

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